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Having hair on body is treated as very normal in human beings, but having excessive hair over some body parts is often regarded as a problem specially in the case of women. This phenomenon in which hair growth occurs on those parts of body on which generally there are few or no hairs is medically termed as hirsutism. Both men and women can be affected by hirsutism, but typically women are more concerned about excessive body hair growth than men. A person with hirsutism is said to be hirsute (pronounced hir-suit).

Types of laser
There are many laser devices that are available in the market for hair removal. All of these use the principles of selective photothermolysis to deliver energy to the hair follicle, disabling or destroying it. Most of these target the melanin in the hair follicles.

Intense pulsed light hair removal (non coherent light) Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) devices use xenon flash lamps to generate multi-wavelength, noncoherent light for hair removal. By using cut-off light filters, only longer energy

The Diode Laser (800nm or 810 nm wavelength) Diode systems deliver a longer wavelength than Ruby lasers (694 nm wavelength) and the Alexandrite lasers (755 nm wavelength), but a shorter wavelength than the Nd: Yag laser (1064 nm wavelength).

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